Charles Rangel on Hardball, 1-15-08
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Charles Rangel on Hardball, 1-15-08


Something exciting is happening in America.  Chris Matthews has Congressman Charles Rangel on his show and they are being civil.. Rangel is beside himself with joy over the prospects of an African-American President.  As should we all.

Rangel, “We’ve had some terrible political setbacks and …I just hope that Barack Obama is a different kind of candidate… Iowa was one of the most exciting political events in recent political history… It’s been hard for me to get excited and it is hard to believe that change can happen overnight…  In the final analysis, whether you are white or black, you want to do what is best for the country…  This election is going to be some much different than anything we have seen in recent history… America is coming back – we have to deal with sensitivity with those who are different from us whether we agree or disagree… I think Obama can restore faith that America can do this…  No matter who the President is I want her to make sure she restores the confidence in our country…”

Charles Rangel is an asset to our Congress.


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