immigration, hate crime, gun control —
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immigration, hate crime, gun control —


The conservatives have lost their bearing.  And I must say that if not for the craziness I would be enjoying myself watching the circus. Here is the conservative philosophy – one which I cannot dispute: Less Government, fewer laws – generally better.  The philosophy goes to a level of foolishness.  Hate crime you say – just enforce the laws we have.  Gun control – enforce the laws already on the books.  Immigration – create a whole new bureaucracy to manage illegal immigrants in our country.

Tim Russert hammered Hillary Clinton with the driver’s license issue in a debate – then the pundits went to work.  Unable to grasp the problem of immigration they focused on driver’s licenses.  State governments across this great nation cowered and created more laws and more bureaucracy to combat the pundit attacks.   Governor Matt Blunt of Missouri is arguably the most egregious.

Everyone is looking for a solution – but no one has really defined the problem.  I said that wrong – no one is looking for a solution – the politicians are looking for a cover story to cover their tracks of incompetent Government.  The philosophy in action is this: New laws and bigger government if it helps us get elected.


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  1. Gun control laws should really be passed. There are just so many violent events that is happening these days because of loose firearms. I just hope that the government will be more strict when it comes to guns.”`*.`

    Yours truly“>

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