James Clyburn, Charles Rangel, Hardball, 1-15-08
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James Clyburn, Charles Rangel, Hardball, 1-15-08


There are some wonderful and competent black leaders in this country.  I am surprised that they have allowed Al Sharpton to have any voice.  These men, like James Clyburn and Charles Rangel, are extremely competent thoughtful men.  Ryburn is on Hardball right now.

Of course, given the current political races, these men are asked about MLK.  And of course, they proclaim MLK as the great leader of the Civil Rights Movement.  Clyburn spreads the credit out among the many people who rose up to defend civil justing in the 1960’s.

So what does Clyburn say about Robert Johnson – another black leader who has condemned Obama.  “I know that Bob Johnson is remorseful about those comments… I have know him a long time and he got caught up in the moment…”

Chris Matthews asks, ‘So how would you describe the difference between Obama people and Clinton people.’   Clyburn,  “It is all about the pressures that build up in any campaign… I have misspoken at times… Sometimes supporters misspeak… We should not spend much time on political correctness at this time… We have serious issues of health care and Iraq, of housing, jobs for parents, education for our children… the competing visions of how we get there should be allowed to go forward….  Obama or Clinton either have a can absolutely be elected President… Whoever the democratic nominee is – they have a good shot.”

I must say that I am surprised that the content of the program was valuable and Chris Matthews was actually civil.


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  1. mr.matthews you’re allright..with me you did something I just couldn’t
    believe I can’t think of her name.. she…misrepresented her self in south america and still landed a job with Bush adminisrtation an every talk show she was a guest on she defended him at every corner…it made me sick because I know her past as a crook had to be known buy the host investigative crew before she came on their show ….but you put her in her place..I just couldn’t fathom a white man not being afraid of Cheney..Mr.bove the law..like I can’t believe Mr.Clyburn defending robert johnson because he inferiated black people..with that statement inferring Obama was somewhere sniffing cocaine boy I was just glad his children wasn’t old enough to understand..I still respect Mr.Clyburn and you Mr.Matthews now I know your character

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