Nevada Democratic Debate, 1-15-08, economy
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Nevada Democratic Debate, 1-15-08, economy


The debate continues.

Williams, Many financial corporations are selling shares overseas, how does this strike you? ” Hillary, “I am very concerned, these are called sovereign wealth funds and they are controlled by governmental entities.  We’ve got to know more about them… But let’s look at how we got here – our institutions made bets on subprime mortgages… They bundled the mortgages and sold the overseas… The administration is doing very little…”

To Edwards, Kuwait is one of these countries, “Senastor Clinton is correct…but the fundamental question is what is happening to the economy in America.  The economy is growing but it is with big corporations and multi national companies… most people do not feel the promise of America…. Thisis a historic moment, are we going to do what our parents and grandparents did – to give us a better life…”

Senator Obama, “part of the reason Kuwait and others are able to invest in this country is because we do not have an energy plan… We need to investigate alternative fuels.  And the subprime lending mess is we have an administration that does not believe in any kind of over site… I intend to restore a sense of accountability in the financial markets…”

Edwards speaks most eloquently and with the most detail and understanding of the questions on the economy.   Edwards has clearly thought through the issues and has developed specific ideas about what he would do.

Clinton and Edwards both admit that a bankruptcy law the voted for in 2002 was a mistake.  Clinton is able to speak effectively about the principles of economics that need be followed to correct the economic despair.

Obama speaks to a detailed plan to adjust the tax rates to protect middle class folks and close the loopholes for the rich folks.  He gave several specific examples.

These three candidates are all qualified with principles and ideas – they are all populist candidates, speaking to the masses rather that to the rich people.  I am please with the democratic field.


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