Nevada Democratic Debate, 1-15-08, On race
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Nevada Democratic Debate, 1-15-08, On race


The debate is on.  Brian William is giving the introduction of a Q & A format.  Time Russert is there – unfortunately.  But Brian Williams is a fair journalist and will moderate his colleague.    It begins with race.

BW to Clinton: How did we get here? Clinton, “MLK’s dreams have been realized.  Senator Obama has a profound message… I appreciate what Senator Obama and I achieved yesterday (she is referring to an end to the name calling)… Everyone appreciates MLK…  Senator Obama share a committment.”  Then to Obama, “Senator Clinton said it well…  The economy is put enormous pressure on everyone..  Racial equality is and has been important… we must come together as a people… I hope that my campaign has inspired that same sense…”

Senator Edwards, “I lived in the south in times of segregation and I feel responsible to continue moving America toward equality…” Edwards elaborates with anecdotal stories.

Russert – do you regret pushing this story? Obama -“It is my responsibility to make sure this does not interfere with the campaign… I am sure that everyone here is committed to racial equality and I am sure that I will be judged on my position on issues and whether I can deliver…”

Russert – Is this a deliberater attempt to marginalize your as a black candidate?  Obama, “No, I believe that we are being judged on our positions.”


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