Debtor Nation – and deregulation of banking
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Debtor Nation – and deregulation of banking


The current administration of George Bush has led directly to the faltering of the stock market. This follows with a faltering of our economic security and then, ultimately, our national security.

So how does the administration get credit for this mess. The administration turned a blind eye to their corporate buddies who were gouging the populace with predatory lending. It is not just the subprime fiasco – but the credit card industry right down to payday loans.

Our populace is tapped out. There is nothing left to borrow on. Wages have not kept up with inflation and people do not have money to invest in capital improvements around the house. No money for washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, or home entertainment. Nothing left to spur the economy.

Predatory lenders need regulation. It is in the interest of our national security to keep a fair and balance approach to the economy.


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