Honeymoon with Jesus
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Honeymoon with Jesus


New found love. The blessings of hope for the future. The excitement of finally finding our place in life. We court, we commit, we honeymoon, we love and laugh, then we have to come home and live in the world. We have to make the relationship work. The everyday troubles of relationships, when things are not going well, test any faith.

Being married is not easy. Being a Christian is not easy. The giddy happiness of a honeymoon is tough to maintain. Sometimes self-sacrifice is required. Sometimes we have to stay up late at night, nurturing the sick. Warm beaches and sunshine do not follow us all the days of our lives.

But a healthy marriage – what a blessing. Someone to share life’s troubles. Someone to share joy. Someone who understands you like no one else. Someone who loves you in spite of who you are, and because of who you are.

But this takes time and commitment. It takes work. It takes patience. It takes gratitude. The virtues of committed relationships are planted, nurtured, and grown over time. The harvest comes after a season of hard work.

The honeymoon of spring planting does not finish the job. There may be storms and there may be drought – but the resilient will reap the harvest.


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