Morning Joe defends Chris Matthews
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Morning Joe defends Chris Matthews


The MSNBC good old boys club has circled the wagons. Chris Matthews is under fire for his sexist and racist comments during the presidential primaries. Matthews offered a horrible apology on his Hardball show yesterday. Well, I guess he calls it an apology.

Matthews said that everything he said was correct and that if people took it wrong then he was sorry that they are so sensitive – paraphrasing with my own words. Matthews sounded like an alcoholic the day after a big drunk, explaining his DWI to his boss. “It was not my fault, I went to the bar but no one would give me a ride home, and the policeman doesn’t like people who wear ties, and the liberal have made the DWI laws too mean spirited…..”

This is not a apology.  Matthews offers justification and rationalization – he is not a bit sorry for being a racist or a chauvinist.

Now Joe Scarborough is defending Matthews. MSNBC does not realize that they have created a boys club led by Matthews and Russert. Scarborough is trying to join to make the club the three stooges. There are other men on the show but they are above the pettiness of the those three. The problem with the three stooges of MSNBC is that the glad hand and back slap each other – then the challenge is to out do the other. And report back. Olberman so desperately wants to be included in the club that he is beginning to make a fool of himself in defense of Matthews.

Hey Brian Williams, reign in the lunatics. Please do not become Fox News.


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