Morning Joe degrades bloggers
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Morning Joe degrades bloggers


Joe Scarborough speaks without thinking. He operates out of biased paradigms that are fostered by the good old boys club at MSNBC. Those folks, Scarborough, Russert, Matthews, and Olberman are the bloggers of Television. Scarborough made some innocent but disparaging off hand comments about bloggers.

First of all – what is a blogger. Well, most are normal regular folks with an opinion. And they write their opinion on internet sites for the world to see. Some are professional. Some are goofy. The distinguishing quality is that bloggers are journalists who write in a narrative, conversational style.

Some news ‘reporter’, I don’t know who he was, challenged Mitt Romney on having lobbyists working on his campaign. Romney argued with him, they had an exchange of words. No big deal. But it is a slow news day so the media is hyping the story. Joe Scarborough watched the exchange and said “I’m guessing he is a blogger.” Translated: No professional journalist would continue to challenge Romney after Romney gave a lame answer to a question.

Scarborough degrades bloggers by his dismissive statement.  Any journalism that Scarborough does not agree with must be a blogger and we don’t have to pay attention to them.

Joe Scarborough would be a poor blogger.


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