following Jesus and the political process
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following Jesus and the political process


Our discussion about Matthew 25 and politicians brings up a dillemma that I have wrestled with for some time. Should a follower of Jesus run for political office?

Certainly, there is merit in being involved in the poklitical process and instigating change is a big job, but the teachings of Jesus are specifically about a hands-on experience. Wash the feet of the world. I see Washington as a long way from that kind of service to the hungry, poor and oppressed.

Here is an interesting article by Forrest Curo from the Jesus Manifesto about serving on Jury Duty. I think it reslates to this discussion in many ways. Here is a quote:

Futhermore, I can not bind myself to follow the instructions of a human judge, who may well tell me to follow some human law regardless of its inequity, or to pretend not to recognize some fact I have just seen or heard. I may serve only my one master, who is not that principality called Law, or even the Justice it was once intended to serve.

One cannot serve two masters, and being the Commander in Chief of the armed forces does not seem to me to follow in the footsteps of humble servant leadership.  Nor does the process by which one is elected to any public office by way of campaigning.

It is not wrong to be a politician, any more than it is wrong to follow Jesus or proclaim Mohammed as the messenger of Allah, but to claim to follow Jesus and to run for public office seems to me an oxymoron waiting to happen (i.e. Spiritual Politician)


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