MIke Huckabee and Tom Cruise – kindred spirits
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MIke Huckabee and Tom Cruise – kindred spirits


Thankfully, you and I do not always agree. You are a Christian man, I live in Missouri. We are similar in that each of us is passionate about our beliefs. Having beliefs and being passionate about them is something that I admire in people. The simple boundary is this, if I want you to respect my belief system – then I have to respect yours.

Mike Huckabee is running for President. Tom Cruise is running for The Pope of Hollywood. Each of them is passionate about their faith system. Each of them believes that their faith is the one true faith. And neither of them respects the faith of others. They are kindred spirits – both egomaniacs who believe that they have been chosen to speak for God. Take a vacation God, we have this earth situation under control.

Faith has become an important issue in politics – both in the United States and in the Middle East. The difference between these geographies is that in the United States we are allowed to disagree without fear of retribution. Unless you are Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee wants to amend the United State Constitution to reflect his faith system. He is so convinced that he alone of the candidates speaks for God that he presumes his faith can and should direct all Americans. Tom Cruise in entertaining, even when talking about faith – nothing more. Huckabee is a dangerous person who would play on the superstitious fears of the masses to gain power and control.

Is there a difference in Huckabee and Cruise? Their passion for their faith is the same. Their conviction that their’s is the only true faith is the same. But one merely entertains – the other hopes to be the leader of the Fourth Reich.


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