Chris Matthews is under siege
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Chris Matthews is under siege


Chris Matthews is in trouble. He has been making bigoted statements about women in general and Hillary Clinton in particular. His racism flowed out of every sweat pore after the New Hampshire primary. Today he is under siege by the public and the management at MSNBC. The good old boys club of male reporters at MSNBC have circled the wagons to defend their champion of abusive journalism.

Matthews offered an apology to Clinton that was an affront to reason. Comparing his apology to that of Don Imus – Matthews would have said, “I am sorry they have nappy hair and I am sorry that you don’t like me pointing out the truth.” That was the essence of his apology to women. “I spoke honestly and correctly and I am sorry that you don’t like it.” Then he called his buddies and they rallied around him.

Joe Scarborough went out of his way to directly commend Matthews for the lame apology – noting that any apology was unnecessary. The other male reporters from the campaign trail have been gushing with praise for Matthews – they have clearly circled the wagons and are trying to rally support for their beleaguered news distorter.

None of the women reporters on MSNBC offered any support – I bet you could cut the air of animosity between the men and women with a butter knife.

The real tragedy is that MSNBC management is unable to take the decisive action they were happy to apply to Don Imus.


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