McCain Wins SC, Huckleberry is second
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McCain Wins SC, Huckleberry is second


This is an exciting day in Republican politics.  John McCain, my choice among Republicans, has won South Carolina.  South Carolina consistently picks the Republican nominee.  So today is a good day for America.

Huckleberry Huckabee continues to show strength – and that represents an awful trend in America.  Huckleberry is a religious fanatic who wants to mold the Constitution in his image.  McCain had 33% and Huckleberry had 30% – way too close for comfort. Thompson came in third and thankfully, Romney came in fourth.

The other scary candidate in the Republican gaggle is Ron Paul.  He will not win but his consistent support suggests another extremism at work.  These folks are not like Huckleberry’s supporters.  They are more fanatical, more extreme – and they don’t have a Bible to moderate their passion.  Well, if they have a Bible it was written by Ron Paul.  That is scary.

But for today – McCain is the winner and all of America should rejoice – the folks in South Carolina demonstrated their powers of reason.


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  1. You’re a clown… Grow up and get some common sense. This country really is full of shortsighted dimwits.

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