Romney first, Paul Third – a message is sent
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Romney first, Paul Third – a message is sent


Mitt Romney has won in Nevaadaa.  But Ron Paul was Third.  What does this say?  Does this mean anything going into the future?

Romney will toot his horn as winning another Gold Medal – a boring an overused metaphor.  This win does tell us that the Mormons will support this man – even though he has been anti-mormon on issues when it suited him to get elected in Massachusetts.

The bigger revelation is in Ron Paul.  Small percentages but big third place.  Again, I believe that Ron Paul is not so attractive himself – he is just bringing out the really apathetic, disgruntled, and disenfranchised voters that associated every thing Georg Bush with everything Government.  They are wrong – but they are making a statement.

Ron Paul will continue his candidacy because he can.  He will not win and he will not broker a convention.  He will not have any influence in the Republican convention.  But he is highlighting the discontent people are feeling with politics as usual.


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