Bill Clinton Supports Hillary
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Bill Clinton Supports Hillary


Are you surprised?  Is anyone surprised?  What are the other spouses doing?  But this is Bill Clinton – former President of the United States.  Traditionally former presidents have not taken a position until their party nominee is selected – but this is just another example of the historical ramifications of a former First Lady being a viable candidate.

So Obama and some others think that President Clinton is taking liberties with facts and positions.  My thought is that Bill Clinton learned his politics in an era of a Bush Dynasty – what does one expect him to do?  I don’t mean to defend him if he is wrong – but he is never flat out lying.  He interprets events in a light that best suits his purpose – some would say that is uniquely Bill Clinton.  But that notion completely ignores the politics of George Bush and Karl Rove.  Does no one remember Willie Horton?

Again, I don’t like the nasty politics – but I accept some of the reality.  Personally, I think the trashing of the voters by Tim Russert and Chris Matthews is much more offensive than anything that Bill Clinton has done.

Bill Clinton’s challenge of the Las Vegas caucus process was just good political strategy. When he speaks of Obama’s record he is merely interpreting votes in a manner that helps his position.

The problem that most people who support other candidates have with Bill Clinton is that he is just very good at what he does.


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