Democratic Debate – January 21, 2008


These folks are working hard to distinguish themselves from the crowd.  They have similar position on a variety of issues – so what is left to distinguish.  Leadership, character, honesty, courage…  This sounds personal – but I think there is purpose.

Obama has been doing well – and that attracts attention.  Clinton and Edwards both attacked on the issue of Obama’s voting record in the Illinois Congress.  Obama stood up for himself but it felt like points were made against him.

Clinton was playing the debate in the context of a national election.  Obama was running to win South Carolina.  Clinton’s campaign may have gotten into Obama’s head and that is effective strategy.  While addressing their issues Obama is off message and does not play as well.

Super Tuesday is coming up.  Clinton is wise to play to a larger audience.  Winning South Carolina will provide some momentum – but words spoken are hard to take back.

This was a heated debate – and that is only good for America – we need good information in order to make wise choices.


Ohg Rea Tone

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