Thinking about the Economy? Remember Bill Clinton
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Thinking about the Economy? Remember Bill Clinton


The economy is at it’s worst in twenty years – who is in charge anyway?  Is anyone in Washington D.C. thinking about anything?  I can’t help but reflect on the Presidency of Bill Clinton.

Eight years of the greatest economic growth in the history of this Great Country.  And you know what – President Clinton did not squander the money.  That was a time of Government surplus.  It was a time of world peace.  It was a time of prosperity.  It was a time when the United States was respected around the world.

The only thing the Republicans could think of in the 1990’s was impeachment – that has proven to be the extent of their capacity to run government.  Perhaps if they would get out of the bathroom in Minnesota and pay attention to their sworn duty — well, I’m just dreaming now.

But an election is coming up and we are going to show the world what Revolution means.


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