U.S. Economy or Iraq Economy – Bush choses Iraq
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U.S. Economy or Iraq Economy – Bush choses Iraq


Our economy is at the worst state in twenty years.  The candidates for president and the folks in Congress are talking about what to do. How contemptible!  What have they been thinking about?  How much money are we spending in Iraq?  And how might that money might be used to save the U.S. Economy?

Does George W. Bush care?  He cares about his middle east legacy – but he sure does not care about you or me.  He cares about his filthy rich buddies – but he sure does not care about you or me.

What about the Republicans who have been in charge of Congress?  They sure don’t care about the U.S. Economy.  They have supported the insanity of this White House for seven years.  They knew better.  The Republicans in Congress are not dummies.  They know how the economy works.  They know what $100 a barrel oil is doing to the economy.  They  know who is getting rich off the despair of the American populace.  Do they care.  If they did care would you not think that they would have taken some action?

They seem to have plenty of money to seen to Iraq to support Halliburton (or whatever it is called) and Cheney’s other buddies.

This is an election year – please go vote.


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