Roswell Secrets sold to China
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Roswell Secrets sold to China


Technology has seen exponential growth in the past fifty years. Proponents of conspiracy theories believe that the space ship that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 provided the stimulus. There is more evidence that this is true.

The Legitimate Conspiracy Theory (LCT) cyberspace magazine to be published in the future has unearthed evidence that some of the secrets of the Roswell Incident have been sold to China.

Signals captured from the atmosphere by sophisticated home electronic devices support this conclusion. On Tuesday, January 22, at 9:00 PM CST, we intercepted an RF signal using antennae. After segregating the signal using resonate circuits, oscillating with capacitors and inductors, we successfully divided the audio and video for amplification – then synchronized the signals into a coherent message. The video contained a stamp of authenticity in the lower right hand corner – in the form of a yellow rectangle. We have seen this stamp in previous intercepts.

The guise of the United States Government was to dismiss the alien spacecraft idea with a high altitude silver colored weather balloon. This worked for a while. But we now know – and it has been so obvious that most missed it – that China has used high altitude, silver colored, weather balloons. Is this a coincidence?

Could the Chinese have developed this sophisticated technology in mere decades? More evidence is needed. We will be watching for the yellow rectangle – the signal of authentic investigation. LCT will soon break the whole story.

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