The Mac Is Hitting a Stride With Record Sales
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The Mac Is Hitting a Stride With Record Sales


You wrote a few weeks ago about the Mac and how popular it is, and you mentioned that you never see any. I think that is going to change.

I would submit that you don’t spend much time in coffee shops or Starbuck’s (I make the distinction because Starbuck’s is basically a McDonad’s that sells muffins instead of Big Mac’s and calls their employees “baristas.”) I think that is significant, since the gourmet coffee industry is growing at almost the same rate that the Apple computer industry is.

Apple computer announced today that it sold 2.3 million Macintosh machines in the three months that ended Dec. 29, 2007. That is a lot of computers. That is two straight record breaking sales quarters for the company. Plus, the company continues to innovate and corner the market on gadgets and takes advantage of the growing emphasis on wireless technology.

At this rate, when I am your age, I will be telling my kids about how, “when I grew up, the ‘PC’ was the computer that a lot of people used, and not just the nerds and programmers like today.”


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