Candidates on Medical Marijuana
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Candidates on Medical Marijuana


How do we reasonably address issues of medication when we don’t understand the illness or the treatments? The candidates for President are asked to take positions on the legalizing of marijuana for medical treatment of a variety of illness. My own position has been that there are better medications to threat the same problem. I’ll let the candidates speak.

I have to say that John Edwards has the most reasonable response.

How about Clinton:



What a dilema.


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  1. I would like to hear about better medications. Marijuana has not only been proven that it is a medication, but it has also been helpful in learning about certain diseases. Marijuana compared to the medication I take now. Do I need Chemical Assistance, Yes, without it I couldn’t walk more than a few feet at a time. Have I compared the medication I take with marijuana, Yes. I have less side effects and more relief.
    The fact that the Politicians actually have a say over this is unbelievable. This is a natural substance that would benefit so many more people.

  2. Dru,

    I respect your right to choose the medication most helpful to you – and I am sorry that you have any condition that puts you in that position. I like John Edwards approach – the FDA should address the issue, not politicians. But I believe that this is an issue for centralized government – the abuse of marijuana and other drugs is destroying our nation.

  3. The problem with the FDA is they are not allowing or giving grants to the research required. The Majority of Research for Marijuana is oversea’s. Germany just came out with research that shows marijuana fighting cancer not just helping with the side effects of cancer treatment. The FDA is not accepting of this research. Research in Spain has shown that cannabinoid-based therapies can help stop the growth of brain tumors.
    I understand that the abuse of marijuana may scare some off but the abuse of OxyContin or Vicodin is there also, why discriminate against marijuana when there are less dangers? Why is the FDA not allowing the research?

  4. Dru

    I agree – I know that THC – the active ingredient in marijuana has healing properties for a variety of ailments – if not healing then at least comforting. I also know that there are folks who are extremely threatened when told someone is taking their medication from them – and I understand that fear. Surely medical science can come up with something that has fewer side effects than marijuana. Like morphine – there are times when the side effect of the medication are less harmful than the disease.

  5. Dru,

    I have a regular audience on this site – what can I write that will help promote the debate, that will raise the issue to a level that gets some attention?

    But understand this – I believe it is a national issue and should not be left to individual states to remedy. That is my opposition to Mr. Paul – is it irresponsible to allow medical solutions to some and not to others – as it is irresponsible to address pandemic illness on a state by state basis.

  6. Ohg Rea Tone,
    I understand what you are saying and since I get my Medication from the VA Hospital even if marijuana was legal in my state for medical purposes I would not be prescribed it since my hospital is Federal. I live 5 miles from the Vermont border and know people that do have a prescription for Medical Marijuana where I am still taking highly addictive medication and medication to help with side effects of the other medication.
    The Federal Government has allowed Marijuana Perscriptions in the past, back with the first George Bush. The FDA saw that it was helpful for patients. Watch some video’s and read some articles about Irvin Rosenfeld, his biggest fight is to get the FDA to approve medication he has been legally taking for 20+ years. He says, “Use me in research” There are 7 remaining federal Patients using government provided marijuana that is grown in Mississippi.
    1991 George Bush Sr. stopped this program, why? He thought it made him look soft on drugs and he was going for re-election.
    I do agree with you, it should be federally allowed but as it stands now the FDA and DEA will not even look at the Medicinal Value.
    You have my Email, Feel free to email me.

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