The Dark Mood of Voters
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The Dark Mood of Voters


This election year has few historical examples to choose from.  Perhaps in 1932 or in 1980.  Those elections were gut wrenching because of the dark mood of the populace.  The dark mood was one of the somber reality of the power of the President.  2008 is one of those pivotal moments in history when the shadow of incompetency weighs on the most optimistic of people.

1932 saw a Great Depression.  1980 saw American embarrassment on foreign policy.  2008 has the whole package.  The current President has fouled the air wherever he has walked.  Our economy is in shambles.  The Middle Class is dying. Mortgage foreclosures rival 1932.  Our foreign image is at the bottom of a deep pit of snakes. Our military is at the worst state of readiness in our history.  And the President hunkers down and refuses to listen to anyone who raises their hand with a question.  What else can go wrong?

Fortunately – this is America.  Our Founding Fathers set up a system of government that allows for peaceful revolution.

George Bush and his Republican cronies in the Congress have set the stage. They cannot change what they have done.  The dark mood of American voters is being demonstrated in the primaries where the numbers of Democrats showing up staggers the media pundits.

Get ready for a Revolution – American style.


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