Foreign Policy – Ron Paul is almost right
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Foreign Policy – Ron Paul is almost right


I am scaring myself. I listen to Ron Paul and find merit in some of what he says. The problem with Ron Paul rests with frequent leaps of logic. He is one of those conspiracy theory folks who sees ghosts in every corner. The problem is there is occasionally a ghost and no one will believe him. The sky is falling syndrome.

Here is a video of Ron Paul on Iraq during the debates. Rudy Giuliani made some points at Paul’s expense. The problem again is that Ron Paul is partially correct – his logic sucks frustrated voters into his camp.

He is correct in saying that folks around the world are frustrated with American imperialism. His leap of logic is in suggesting that the attack on the World Trade Center was justified – he did not use those words – but that was his thought process.


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  1. He doesn’t think the attack was justified, that is not his “thought process”. He has said as much in public. You need to do your homework and STFU until you do.

  2. Rudys remarks that you claim were at Dr. Pauls expense are a total construct based on faulty logic. I piss on your wife and you kick my ass. DO you get it now!

    My wife is from Europe and according to her family AMERICA has been pissing on people in pursuit of somebodies agenda. Now the question is it ok with you to KILL 750,000 people that did not attack us to get even for 3,599 killed by a dozen guys from Saudi Arabia?

    Use your head

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