Rudy Giuliani is at Waterloo

Jan 25th, 2008 | By | Category: Life


Rudy Giuliani is running for Mayor of America.  It isn’t working.  Giuliani was the Mayor of New York City when the planes hit the World Trade Center.  He was a visible, courageous,  forceful leader.  Mr. September 11 has bumbled his campaign for President.

Giuiliani has had a strange strategy – He tried to run in Iowa and when he was not readily accepted he moved on to New Hampshire.  Before any votes were cast.  When he was not readily accepted in New Hampshire he moved on.  Ultimately he has cast his anchor in Florida – his last stand, he is at Waterloo.

Did this warrior bring enough food and supplies to manage the harsh climate?

If Rudy Giuliani finishes third or worse in the Florida Primary he is done.  He will be out of the race.


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  1. You can see the synopsis of Ron Paul at the Florida debate and see for yourself why he won it at:
    Dr Paul is the only candidate who will stop the economic collapse which is upon us, and keep the poor and middle income people afloat. Even if you are rich you may want to vote for Paul so the market doesn’t crash.

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