Matthews and Russert – Laurel and Hardy
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Matthews and Russert – Laurel and Hardy


Chris Matthews and Tim Russert remind me of the original comedy team of Laurel and Hardy.

Russert does not like to do heavy lifting – so he asks questions about driver’s licenses and race and gender. At a recent round table discussion Russert said something about women voters – a female panelist responded that women can vote on issues rather than gender. Russert, “What about old women?” Female panelist, “Women can vote on issues.” Russert, “What about black women?” Female panelist, “Women can vote on issues,” Russert, “What about women in South Carolina?” Female panelist, “Women can vote on issues.” Russert, “What about working women?” Female panelist rolls her eyes.   Russert does not notice – she is just a woman.

When Matthews is challenged he scratches his head and whines and cries. He thinks it is OK to scream at Dee Dee Myers, to blast Hillary for being human, to charge others with racism, and to drop the piano down eight flights of stairs. But when he is challenged – whooee! Do the wrong thing and then whine around looking for sympathy. Matthews called all of his white boy buddies at MSNBC and those co-dependents came to his rescue.

The difference is the Laurel and Hardy were trying to be funny – there is nothing funny about MSNBC’s support of these shallow thugs and bullies. I apologize to Laurel and Hardy for making this comparison.


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