MSNBC Dumbs Down Demographics
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MSNBC Dumbs Down Demographics


The constant harping on polls by demographics is wearing thin. Chris Matthews and Tim Russert have to be two of the worst. The suggestion is that people can only vote for people like themselves. Women vote for women. Blacks vote for blacks. Matthews votes for Russert. This denigration of masses of people based on demographics is really insulting.

Old people only worry about Social Security. Young families only worry about college for their children. Black people only worry about black people. The news media has reduced this great nation down to blocks on a checkerboard – to be manipulated by the rich and powerful.

Women voted differently in Iowa than in New Hampshire – the quick conclusion by Matthews and Russert was that the women felt sorry for Hillary because she became emotional. Now that has got to be one of the greatest insults those old white men can throw at a woman.

South Carolina is coming up. Matthews and Russert have sent their goons down there to count the black folks – it is already obvious to the old white racists at MSNBC that the black folks in South Carolina cannot think about issues or candidates as human beings.  And what to do if a voter happens to be black and female – my goodness – we might have to ask an old white man what to do.

Either this sells Neilson Ratings (which is a contemptible way to run a news agency) or the MSNBC folks really do think that only old white men have any brains.

Well let me tell you buddy, I done went and got me a education an I gone to use it.


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