Obama Wins South Carolina- AP says Rout!
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Obama Wins South Carolina- AP says Rout!


This is a big day in American Politics. Barack Obama has won the South Carolina Democratic Primary. The Associated Press is calling this victory a rout. The white vote split three ways with Obama, Clinton, and Edwards.

What can this mean? Obama continues to show strength. He seemed to lose some steam after Iowa and some of the pundits were beginning to downplay his candidacy. But this win in South Carolina substantiates him as a strong and viable candidate – not to mention that his campaign has about 100 million dollars.

The people in South Carolina voted their hopes and dreams and aspirations. The tenor of the campaign will change now. The people, not the party leaders, chose Obama. Obama has shown that he has appeal beyond African-Americans.

Hillary Clinton saw the writing on the wall and skipped out of the state early – trying to diminish the importance of that particular state.

It seems the only people who are making an issue out of race are the Clintons and the news pundits. It seems that Bill Clinton may have created a big issue by bringing up Jesse Jackson. All of us who pay attention know that Obama is no Jackson. Bill Clinton was attempting to marginalize Obama by making a direct association with Jackson. Bill Clinton’s tact was faulty.

Obama carried the youth and educated people. He carried well across the board. This is not the 1990’s. The Clintons are using the wrong play book.  The result is that Super Tuesday may not be the final destination for the nominee.  The race is opened up and that gives Edwards new life.

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  1. Oh my goodnes.

    The lady realy did say, in passing…and in Tennessee…congratuations Obama (she left our the Hussein)…after her head had been brought to her by aides on a plater last used in a 16th ccentury painting.
    Hear this: Bill wil go on vacation or bringing skin conditioner to people in Africa…oh, it’s SOOO hot there. His charitable work will be highlighted as Hillary, rhymes with pillory, goes on telling lies until Super Tuesday, as the frigging vulgar press calls it, when her aides may bring her yet another platter. What will there be on it? I can hardly wait.

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