Hillary found her voice, his name is Bill
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Hillary found her voice, his name is Bill


When Hillary Clinton choked with emotion on the eve of the New Hampshire Primary many people saw her humanity.  Some say that this very personal appeal, this letting down of her guard, this emerging humanity, was the deciding factor in the vote.  She won New Hampshire.  In her victory speech she claimed that, “I have found my voice.”  She did, and his name is Bill Clinton.

Hillary has attempted to dispel concern about the veracity and toughness of a female in the office of the President of the United States.  She has taken tough positions as a Senator and has spoken eloquently on any issue presented.  She is an extremely competent person.

Sadly, her spouse is a very powerful person.  Senator Clinton has a daunting challenge in overshadowing the brightest star of the Democratic Party.  In the past two weeks Bill Clinton has wound the main spring on a tight race.  He has been up front defending his wife and attacking the other candidates.  Other spouses do the same thing – but none of them carry the power of a former President.  Or the personal charm and respect of Bill Clinton.

It appears that the woman running for President is subordinate to her husband.  That does not and should not play well with voters.  We are looking for a leader, not a subordinate.  This past administration has shown us what happens when the real President hides in the bunker and the President is just a talking head.

Bill Clinton’s zeal to campaign for his wife has had the unintended consequence of minimizing her as a viable leader, and thus as a viable candidate.


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