What’s his name, that Black Golfer?
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What’s his name, that Black Golfer?


There is some guy playing golf like it is nobody’s business.  I am getting old and cannot remember names very well.  But I will try to recount some of the legends.  Then I’ll tell you about the new guy.

That guy Jack could hit a nickle on the green.  Gary was a player.  Arnie palmed the ball.  and Tom said, “What son?”  Those were men of days gone by – I may not have their names just right.

Some of the folks today are Phil, he is plays like Mick’s son.  Ernie took lessons in Spain – at Ell Golf Course.  John goes out daily.

Then there is that one guy who keeps beating everyone – his name is funny – something about animals and the environment.  Like maybe Bear Mountain or Deer Forest or Shark Water – something.  I don’t remember his name but he plays like a Tiger.  He is calm, deliberate, purposeful – and when it is time he springs with ferocious desire.  He hits the ball into the rough but always seems to get out of the woods.

This is his year. 2008 will be the year of the Tiger Grand Slam.  All four majors will be devoured – but he always leaves enough for the scavengers that follow him on the savannah.


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