Bush – SOTU – no call for sacrifice – no hope
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Bush – SOTU – no call for sacrifice – no hope


One of the problems these past seven years is that the American public has not been asked to directly suffer to rigors of war. There is indirect suffering – blamed on the Democrats.  Bush gave his State of Denial.

The President gave a list of highlights of his Presidency with the same set of problems that have been presented in the past several years. There were no new ideas, no new promises, no new hopes. This State of the Union was a statement of – let’s keep doing what we have been doing…

President Bush noted the failure of congress and justified his positions by noting the problems with congress.  Denial.

The real State of the Union happened at American University earlier in the day. Senator Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama for President. The success of Obama’s candidacy speaks to the state of the union.

What great sadness for our great country.


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