Notes on Belichick and Brady – psychological warfare
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Notes on Belichick and Brady – psychological warfare


The New England Patriots feel a sense of destiny. They are half right. They are destined to lose the big game. Their coaching gaminess is catching up with them. Psychological tricks only work for awhile. Fool me once sort of logic.

Is Tom Brady injured or not? Is Belichick stonewalling? Belichick manages every aspect of his games. Some think that Belichick has cooked up the Brady injury as a hoax on the media madness – but I don’t think so. Even Belichick would not jeopardize excellence to pull off a little psychological horseplay. Tom Brady has been noticiably missing at practice or participating minimally. Brady is having some problems and the front line is challenged to offer even greater protection. The Giants are paying attention – which may be what Belichick is thinking.

So is that Belichick a Prophet? Did he study football at seminary, majoring in the Book of Revelation? Is he the Christ of football – some might say the anti-Christ? As usual, that depends on which side of the field one is standing on.

Belichick is no prophet. The Giants are prepared. The Patriots will clutch in the big one.


A side note: Junior Seau is 39 years old. He is an example of ’50 is the new 40.’ Go Junior!

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