The Super Bowl, PGA, and Prosperity Gospel
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The Super Bowl, PGA, and Prosperity Gospel


If we use the measuring stick of Joel Osteen, that Prophet of Prosperity, we could reasonably surmise that the NFL is sanctioned by Jesus Christ himself.  God sits at the 50 yard line.  The Apostle Paul has season tickets.  The Super Bowl is prospering, and Phoenix is the Promised Land.

There is not much more won can say about the game itself.  The one hour episode of mania can only be dissected in so many ways.   But the hype, the media avalanche, the celebrity parties, the Hummers on every corner, the limousines cruising, the retail sales of paraphernalia, the product placements, ba-zillion dollar television ads, the private jets, and exotic hotels.

Whooee, Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming.  And he is bringing his brother.

This same weekend the PGA is hosting the FBR Open in Phoenix.   How many Buicks can a golfer drive anyway?  The master of the game, Tiger Woods, will be in Dubai.  Jesus may be in Phoenix, but the big man, God himself, will be traveling with the royals of the middle east.

That is, if you believe in the Gospel of Prosperity.


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