Clinton Ambushed Obama in Florida
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Clinton Ambushed Obama in Florida


Hillary Clinton played a nasty game tonight. She ambushed Barack Obama in Florida. How so? There was no open competition.

The Democratic National Committee chose not to recognize the Florida Primary because Florida chose to move the date of the Primary. The candidates had agreed not to campaign in Florida and to not accept any delegates from Florida.

Hillary Clinton technically followed the rules. But the wheels of her plane touched down in Florida as the polls closed. Ms. Clinton held a big victory rally and garnered national media attention – she was on all of the Cable News Channels.

This was an ambush. Ms. Clinton portrayed herself as the victor in a State where there was no race. And it worked. The Cable News Networks acknowledged, as they covered her victory rally, that she was unjustly getting national attention.

Never underestimate the Clinton campaign.  And never underestimate their ability to manipulate the news.


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  1. So when Hillary wins a state, that makes her a cheater?

    When Obama wins a state, he’s the agent of change?

    Come on, get real. As one of the posters below from Florida herself, Lady Eagle, said, that all of the candidates had been grass roots campaigning there anyway, and Obama is no less guilty than Clinton in trying to spread their influence.

    When a candidate wins, you don’t call them liars and phonies and cheaters or scumbags.

    Obama’s an all right guy, but it’s his supporters who seem to be pretty awful right now. At least most of the people who support Hillary DON’T also at the same time put down Obama.

    Then again, a majority of us are how old? 18 years old? I guess we’re still not very mature at that age. But at some point, we need to realize that we don’t start blaming someone else just because our candidate of choice didn’t quite gain as much of the popular vote.

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