Jon Stewart gives pointers to Ron Paul
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Jon Stewart gives pointers to Ron Paul


Ron Paul did the now required appearance on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. Jon Stewart was not only gracious but offered some sage advice on managing the other candidates during the debates. They had a civil conversation.

Mr. Paul presented well – to my surprise. Mr. Paul noted that the other candidates are not very good conservatives saying, “They did not want to go to Kosovo’ because military meddling is not a conservative principle.

Jon Stewart commended Paul saying, “You are a man of consistent principle, and the people don’t like that…”

Paul responded with “I’ve even suggested we follow the constitution.”

Stewart, It seems the others are “…only against government they can’t control…”

Paul responded generously, that is “a temptation most people can’t control…”

Stewart asked about Paul’s relationship with other candidates and Paul deadpanned, “Romney said hello once.”

Then Stewart offered some ‘zingers’ for Paul to use on the other candidates in the debate – this guy is really funny and Ron Paul was a gracious guest.


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