Obama is shaping the national debate
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Obama is shaping the national debate


Giuliani was on television tonight – talking about the need to overcome the idea of red states and blues states, noting that we have to be united.

Romney is on right now – talking about a new generation of problems.  New technologies and new competitors on the world market.  “We must leave our children a better country.”

These are messages right out of Barack Obama’s Campaign.

Barack Obama has influenced the entire field of candidates.  And that is good.  One of the consequences of a lengthy primary process is the infusion of ideas into each of the campaigns.  Each candidate has an opportunity to see what message resonates with the populace – and each candidate should necessarily adapt to the reality of what the people want.


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  1. Nice post. It’s true that the other candidates – both Ds and Rs – have seen Obama’s success and tried to adopt it. Everyone following the race closely from the beginning has seen it. And all through it, Obama’s message has remained almost exactly the same. It shows who among the candidates is the most authentic and who is the true leader.

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