Bill Moyers, Rupert Murdock, PBS
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Bill Moyers, Rupert Murdock, PBS


I am a big fan of Bill Moyers.  He is that long time respected journalist that now works exclusively for PBS,  Bill Moyers brings intellect, poise, and dignity to journalism.  Over the years Moyers has introduced me to such influential people as Joseph Campbell and Robert Bly.  I respect him a great deal – and that is my qualifier on posting this video with Moyers commenting on Rupert Murdock.

Rupert Murdock has purchased the Wall Street Journal.  He already owns FOX News and a variety of other news outlets.  Murdock is accused of biasing his News Organizations to suit his political and financial interests.  The danger, as noted by Moyers, is in the loss of First Amendment principles.

An honest media, held accountable by professional standards, is paramount in a free society.  Here is Bill Moyers.

Thank you Mr. Moyers for years of honest and thoughtful journalism.


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