Ron Paul reports on his campaign
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Ron Paul reports on his campaign


This guy does not quit.  Others have hung it up – perhaps they are more practical.  But there are realities.  Ron Paul continues to raise money.  He continues to win votes.  He is not considered a ‘serious candidate’ by the mainstream media.  And is probably not considered serious by the other Republican Candidates.

I am not a Ron Paul supporter.  But I believe he has done a service for our country.  Mr. Paul has managed to energize people who were disillusioned with the political process.  He should be commended for that.   Mr. Paul has been most consistent in his message – he is a man of principle.

I have accused Mr. Paul of taking ‘leaps of logic.’  I continue to believe this – although I believe that he has influenced the Republican party.  He will not win the nomination but he does carry a voice.  I’ll let him speak:

Good luck Mr. Paul.


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