The John McCain Shelter for Abused Conservatives
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The John McCain Shelter for Abused Conservatives

John McCain has brought sanity back into the Republican Party. McCain is the realistic optimist of Ronald Reagan. The Reagan Revolution has been hijacked by abusive personalities who hope only for power and control. When an abused spouse cries out for help we provide an Abuse Shelter. We provide a place of sanctuary. We provide a place of hope for the future.

The abusive tactics of Rush Limbaugh and Bob Novak has run their course. Some of the really sick, those who are gripped by fear, will hang around. They don’t like it – but they cannot see any other option. Options are presented – but the abused spouse has been psychologically battered and cannot hear.

John McCain has set up a shelter for abused conservatives. He is saying, come with me, I will protect you, I will help you regain your dignity, I will help you restore the future, I will protect your children in the transition. Come with me.

You no longer have to be afraid of Democrats. They will not hurt you. You no longer have to be afraid of Corporate moguls, I will protect you. You no longer have to be afraid of losing jobs to China, I will protect you. You no longer have to be afraid. I will protect you.

Take control of your life – those abusive conservative commentators have lost their way. We will deal with them – you no longer have to enable and rescue them from their craziness. It is time to let go, time to stop protecting those who would abuse you.

McCain exemplifies Tough Love.

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Ohg Rea Tone

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  1. Wow….. so many non-sequiturs, straw men and downright untruths that I don’t know where to begin. Maybe I’ll just save my time.

  2. Sanity? This jerk spent the last six years conspiring to block every conservative idea that came down the pike, got in some kind of grudge fight with Rumsfeld and was notorious for his rages at his fellow Republicans. I am going to act on my giant admiration for McLame’s type of Republicanism by crossing the aisle and voting for Clinton III or Obamarama if the Republican Party insults me with this superannuated wreck of a liberal. I want my Socialism instituted by Democrats so that they get 100% of the blame.

  3. better delete the garbage abuse from the Republican Taliban;
    you’re doing a good and noble thing. Mr McCain has enraged the Limbaugh Taliban because they know they’re licked…imagine all that time like farts in the windstorm and they couldn’t come up with a decent candidate, so at the last minute opted for a loser from massachusetts who fibbs even aboout small personal matters of no import! If that’s the best the Coulter Taliban can come up with? That’s why they’re mad….the electorate said “grow up, Limbaugh, we ain’t buyin!” And Clint Eastwood said, “Grow up Coulter, we ain’t listening!” And they went out and voted for Mac. And the Democrats were told to vote according to race by Bill Clinton and they said, “Get stuffed, we’re voting for Obama!” And they did. And so, freedom has proved itself over manipulation, and Love has defeated hate.

  4. Thanks for the snarf!

    Keep up the good work!

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