Ann Coulter, McCain, Hannity, Clinton
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Ann Coulter, McCain, Hannity, Clinton


Putting those four names in the title seemed strange to me. Probably because I just watched a video of Ann Coulter on the Hannity Dominates Colmes Show. Ms. Coulter has stated publicly that she will Support Hillary Clinton if John McCain is the Republican nominee. She won’t. This is just another example of how the fringe right wing is trying to derail McCain.

Hannity ticked off several issues, Guantanamo, immigration, torture… as if McCain’s positions are those of a mushy, dimwitted, anti-Christ. Ann Coulter does not support Clinton in any way – her tirade against McCain is an example of how the fringe right hopes to shame conservatives back into the abusive home.

I have said it before. These folks are much like the abusive husband, battering his beleaguered wife, threatening to cut off the money and take the kids. The spouse is so downtrodden that she can see no way out, so she stays only to be chastised and beaten again.

Check out this video.

This abuse will continue until someone has the courage to stand up to the battering force of threatening abuse. John McCain has stood up.

The far right claims the mantle of Ronald Reagan – falsely claims the mantle – Ronald Reagan was a man of principle; Principle based on conservative economics and optimism for the future. Reagan was a practical man, able to compromise for the greater good.

The Ku Klux Hannity and Limbaugh Klan ride in the night, covered with a cloak of false doctrine. They bring shame to the real legacy of Ronald Reagan.

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Hillary Responded:

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  1. But…

    Regardless of who the Democrats nominate, John McCain really is too stupid to be trusted with any administrative authority. Ann Coulter was certainly right about that.

  2. “But…

    Regardless of who the Democrats nominate, John McCain really is too stupid to be trusted with any administrative authority.”

    Yes let us have Clinton the bar room hussy run our country, maybe she can solve the Iran nuclear arms crisis with apologies and jello shots.

    Or we could have the al-qaeda friendly Obama, who is apparently the anti-christ (according to the conspiracy theorists) help resolve the terroist problem.

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