Obama – Clinton, Democratic Debate, 1-31-08, II
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Obama – Clinton, Democratic Debate, 1-31-08, II


The debate continues.

To Obama: why are you qualified? Obama recounts his entire resume, “I have found that the leadership that is needed is someone who can bring people together… I respect Senator Clinton’s record but I believe that the skills that I have are the right skill that are needed right now…”

To Clinton, “I would go back 35 years…” Then she tells of her early and middle adult life defending those who are powerless…

Each of the candidates is mature and qualified and ready to be President of the United States.

What if your opponent is Romney. Neither one of you has ever run a business.

Clinton, “The United States Government is not a business – it is a trust… We have a president who ran as a CEO MBA and look what we got… ”

Obama, “Mitt Romney has not gotten a very good return on his investment in this campaign.”

On endorsements, particularly the Kennedys, Clinton, “.. I have great respect for the Kennedy’s… What is exciting that we are going to get big change…The voters have to decide who they think can do this job…”

To Obama, many Democrats remember the Clinton Presidency fondly, are they right? “…Ultimately each of us has to be endorsed on their own merits… We are bringing in a whole new generation of voters…

This is an exciting time in America. We have two very solid candidates who are working hard for the nomination of their party. It looks like the Republicans are going to pick the most moderate and thoughtful of their candidate choices – but he is still a Republican. The reality is that America will have good choices next November.


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