Obama – Clinton, Democratic Debate analysis by ORT
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Obama – Clinton, Democratic Debate analysis by ORT


This is a very good year in American politics. Senator’s Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been debating for a couple of hours. They have been cordial. They have talked about a variety of issues, and they have talked with clarity and detail.

The best observation of the night is that these two agree in principle on virtually every issue or topic area. There are some differences in how they would accomplish their very similar goals. But this does not trouble me. Not one strategy for any issue that has been presented by either the Democrats or Republicans will be the final product.

The important note is the these are people of principle. They have each demonstrated that they are willing to negotiate technique – but they will not negotiate principle.

The final product on each issue will be negotiated by hard nosed professionals. These professional will make up the Cabinet of the White House. These people will be selected by the President-elect. The first person they will select will be the Vice President.

Is it possible that we might have a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton Democratic Ticket? That would be very exciting for everyone.

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