Al Franken takes a shot at Limbaugh, Part I
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Al Franken takes a shot at Limbaugh, Part I


I labeled this post ‘Part I’ because this cannot possibly be the whole story. Al Franken is a funny guy – but does that qualify him to be a United States Senator? Al Franken is quite an intellect – but history shows that being an intellect is not a precursor to being in the Senate.

I don’t live in the same State as Al Franken so I guess I don’t have to worry about whether or not to vote for him – but he sure serves a useful purpose in pointing out the lies of Rush Limbaugh.

As I ponder what I just wrote I wonder if Al Franken and Rush Limbaugh unintentionally support each other – it is like they are peanut butter and jelly. The contrasting tastes blend to make an interesting conversation.

They are both entertaining – but is either one of these men relevant?

Well, what did you think? Pretty funny – but how informative and useful was this snippet of humor?


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