Limbaugh looks and sounds like Tim Russert
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Limbaugh looks and sounds like Tim Russert


I hearken back a few weeks to a Democratic Debate sponsored by MSNBC.  The moderator was Tim Russert.  As we reflect on substance we can see that Tim Russert has drug MSNBC and NBC down to the level of conservative talk radio.  Russert has climbed to the top of the ‘good old boys’ network by studying the book of success written by Rush Limbaugh.

Russert, heralded by his crony Chris Matthews as an insightful news man, is actually a insightful study on Nielson Ratings.  He does not care any more about truth than Rush Limbaugh.  His language is less confrontational, his style more reserved, but his fundamental ideology is the same.  Do whatever it takes to get people to tune in.

Russert chased Hillary Clinton all over the stage with questions about undocumented immigrants having driver’s licenses. This is an interesting question – but it avoids the principles of immigration policy in favor of debating minute points of strategy.  This is a strategy that is often used by Rush Limbaugh.

To debate the finer points of strategy without challenging or questioning or trying to understand the fundamental principles of humanity is the ultimate insult to the American populace.  This is the ultimate insult to the foundation of America. We are a country founded on purposeful deliberation – fortunately the Founding Fathers did not have to answer to Tim Russert or Rush Limbaugh.

The United States Senate is the greatest deliberating body in the history of man. Deliberation can be tiring when faced with the immediacy of economic strife.  But here is how it works, the legislature handles deliberation, the Executive manages immediacy based on the principles resulting from the deliberation.


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