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Free Hannah Montana Poster


I was watching a basketball game at our local YMCA yesterday. Your nephew was playing. It is a third grade coed team and families fill the bleacher for a Saturday afternoon visit. I watch the game about half as much as I visit with my neighbors.

The lady sitting beside me reported that she found a Wal Mart add for Hannah Montana merchandise – with the front page being a blazing picture of Milley Cyrus in full performance. The lady was laughing that she took the add and cut the ‘Wal Mart’ from the top, leaving a Hannah Montana poster. She hung the poster in her daughter’s room… and the daughter shrieked with eternal gratefulness. I was imagining a newsprint quality poster and thought how easily we entertain children.

This morning’s Sunday paper (February 3)  had the Wal Mart add with Hannah Montana. It is one of the full color slick adds. I cut the wal mart off the top and hung the ‘poster’ on the closet door in the room where the grandchildren play video games. I get to be a cool grandpa. Who says Wal Mart does not have value?


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