John Wayne talks about America
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John Wayne talks about America


When I was growing up John Wayne was the great American Hero. He embodied everything that it was to be a real man, to be a real patriot, to have honor and to honor tradition.  Who are the heroes of today’s youth?

John Wayne was replaced by John Lennon. Then Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger came along. This imagery of masculinity influences the youth of America. Who are the Heroes today?

John Wayne says, “It is time for you younger folks to take over…” Who are the ‘younger folks’ that he is talking about? Who are the heroes of America today? Do we look to sports, to entertainment, to the military, to politicians?

How about the media – is Rush Limbaugh someone you want your son to grow up admiring?

I watch my grandchildren growing. I listen to them talk about their heroes. Your nephew is nine years old and loves basketball – he is aware of Michael Jordan but has never heard of Magic Johnson or Dr. J. What impression is the President of the United States giving to the youth of America?

Who carries the mantle of Hero in American culture today?


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  1. Better late than never!

    This is at least as true in 2011 as it was on February 3rd, 2008.

    The answer?
    THE hero!

    IN FACT, A 13-YEAR OLD GIRL WROTE A LONG POEM BACK THEN ABOUT HIM CALLED “The Great American Hero”. He is MY HERO and has been for years. I can list dozens of his heroic qualities.

    Is that why the EVIL-DOERS are trying to re-district his district out of existence as a way of removing him from Congress after he has been DULY elected 8 times. He is in his 8th term. Hey, it’s RARE today for ANY official to be DULY elected.

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