NY Giants – the surge is working

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NY Giants – the surge is working


I was flipping through the channels on television a few minutes ago. I paused for a second on ESPN and heard “New York Giants.” I hit the channel button and immediately heard John McCain saying, “The surge is working…” So what I heard was “New York Giants – the surge is working.” Well, that may be so.

Belichick’s coaching is the determining factor in this game. Professional football is grueling for the players. It is a tough strategic, mental, physical, and psychological game. A coach’s ability to motivate a team on a winning streak is discussed on all sports shows.

The New England Patriots have won 18 straight games. With one week off and a pass on the wild card week – the Patriots have had to be ’emotionally up’ for twenty consecutive weeks. That is a really tough act to follow.

The New York Giants, on the other hand, are riding a surge of emotion. Every week of success has pumped them up, charged them, and motivated them. The Giants are team that is surging at the right time.

Prediction: Giants 31, Patriots 28.


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