Giants win Super Bowl – Belichick is outcoached
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Giants win Super Bowl – Belichick is outcoached


The Giants won the Super Bowl.  Final score – Giants 17, Patriots 14.

I tried to engage the Patriots fans at the Boston Globe. Every post I wrote was taken down after an hour. They did not like hearing the honesty of someone from outside their mental geography. I earned this – I told you so. The Giants won the Super Bowl. Did I already say that?

The first half defined the game. The Giants maintained possession with a running game, kept Tom Brady and that explosive offensive off the field, and wore the defense down. The Giants set the stage for the second half.

The real story is the Giants Defense.  They hustled and kept the New England offense disoriented and off balance.  Tom Brady never found a rhythm.  Eli Manning rand a fourth quarter scoring drive to win the game with 35 seconds left.

More later.


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