Evangelicals, Legions of Christ?
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Evangelicals, Legions of Christ?


The evangelicals of America present themselves as the legions of Christ, marching as to war. Ready to sacrifice for their Lord and Savior. Well, who are evangelicals?

Some say the are THE witness for Jehovah. Some say they are Saints of the Latter Days. Others claim they immerse themselves in the water of baptism – thus they are immersed in the legion of Christ. Some say they belong to the Universal Church, the one church of Christ.

Who is right? Any of them? Well they each have their opinion. I guess what astounds me is that we lump these disparate groups – these folks who hate each other – into one category that we call Evangelical.

Charles Manson, Jim Jones, and David Koresh each thought they were the ordained prophet – who can say – are they wrong?

What does evangelism mean? Does it mean a particular point of view? A particular interpretation of the Bible? Which Bible? There are several represented in the few groups mentioned above.

How can this group be defined?


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