Huckabee Speaks on Super Tuesday
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Huckabee Speaks on Super Tuesday


Mike Huckabee is talking on television.  I’ll try to capture the essence.

“A lot of folks are trying to say this is a two man race.  It is, and we are in it!”

“Thanks to Arkansas where we have a wonderful victory here at home.  Thanks to the incredible people who believed in us… And much to the amazement of  man we are getting there… Out part once stood to make sure the free market system really worked and when I am President I look forward to nailing the going out of business sign on the IRS…  We are winning State across the South because we believe that mothers and fathers do a better job of raising kids than the government… ”

Huckabee is a terrific speaker, “Conservatives do have a voice because they do have a choice…”

Huckabee speaks with the intellect of an educated man and the spin of a good old boy.

“Today has been a day when the people have spoken… we heard what the pundits said but this is our election not theirs… ”

This man can hang with the best of the speakers.  My thought is that he should let up on his humor – as charming as it is – in favor of acting more Presidential.


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