Tax rebates to Immigrants
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Tax rebates to Immigrants


What do you think.  A person comes to this country in an undocumented status – that means that he is not supposed to be here.  But he gets a job and works, he pays taxes on his income.  Now we find ourselves in an economic crisis and the Congress wants to rebate money to taxpayers.  Should the undocumented worker get a rebate?

Here is how I think about it.  If he paid taxes he is qualified for the same  rebate as anyone else.  If he works for cash, and does not pay taxes, then he will not be in the data base and will not receive a rebate.

Some of the conservative media and talk show wackos are worried to death that some poor apple picker, making $12,000 a year with no benefits, might get some of his money back.

Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.


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